Do you sometimes have a ‘downtime’ at work?

What I mean by that is whether you sometimes lack energy or motivation to do a highly creative or demanding tasks?

I do sometimes. It usually comes in waves and takes a few hours or even days to go away.

I did not find a recipe on how to force myself to be highly productive again in those ‘downtimes’ yet.

So what I do is that I use the downtime to carry other small and manual tasks, that are important and need to be done, but don’t require too much creative energy. These types of tasks usually get pushed towards the bottom of my to do list and get postponed and postponed, so when my downtime comes, I don’t feel that bad and just use it to get through those tasks: eg. scanning documents for accountants, sorting and throwing out old paper documents in my draw that are not needed anymore, going through task list and organising it, getting in touch with people with whom I did not have time to get in touch when I was in my ‘highly productive mode’.

I’m interested to hear if you experience such times too. What tasks do you do during ‘downtime’?


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