Getting Things Done

When is good enough, good enough?

That’s at the heart of Getting Things Done.

Most of us have an inner perfectionist in us who is afraid of criticism and keeps refining refining refining until the idea looses momentum and project is never launched. Been there, done that? I bet you have 🙂

So what is the secret to high productivity and getting things done? Decide when good enough is good enough and ship. Just ship it. You will get useful feedback from real users, you will get positive comments and new ideas, and this will in turn feed your energy and motivation to keep improving.

The other very powerful thing is to have a deadline. You commit to release even if you are not fully happy with it. You can fine tune the details even on the live site – most users won’t even notice those imperfections! It’s always better if the work is out there sooner rather then sitting on your dev environment for two months longer (or forever as it often happens too!).

So what do you need to ship today that is good enough?


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