How to Get Parking Permit in Zone 1 in London

It’s been one of my old dreams to drive to work (as opposed to using public transport).

Of course, that would not be anything remarkable…unless you live in London and work in Zone 1 (central London).

Luckily, there is a way for business owners to gain business parking permits anywhere in London.

The conditions are:

1) You or the company is the registered owner of the car

2) Your company has registered and operating office in the area where you want to apply for the permit

3) Your insurance certificate covers the usage of your car for business purposes (important)

4) You will use the car for business purposes (of course 🙂 )

You will need to contact your local council and fill out an easy form + provide evidence for the above and within 10 days they will send you a response or the permit. Depending on the council and the area where you want to park, you will pay around £540 to £1,080 for the permit per year. (This may be different in other boroughs but these are the figures around Hoxton/Shoreditch area.)

I’m happy about this scheme as it is one of the nice benefits of being a company owner. But you could also be an employee I believe, you would just need to find a way to prove that you need the car to be parked by your work (travel to work does not count by the way) and your employer would have to support the application.

It’s also a small demonstration of how important it is to be creative within the restrictions of your environment and the tools you have – a key skill of an entrepreneur – because environment or legislations or resources will always restrict you. You just need to train yourself to be more creative and achieve the same with less.


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