Super Humans

What I call Super Humans are those type of people who manage to develop two or more areas of expertise to a very high standard.

  • It can be a developer who is very experienced AND who can also speak to clients, win new business, manage other people
  • It can be a sales person who ALSO understands technical aspects of web development and can prepare a killer proposal
  • It can be a designer who not only have the skills and creative flair AND also the ability to lead other creative people

These people are very rare, exceptional. If you find them, you need to treasure them and reward as though you had at least two employees working for you at the same time.

On the other hand, if you are a developer or a designer, don’t stop developing your soft skills – why? Because this is the way to multiply your value for potential employers tremendously. It’s the combination of two or more skill sets that creates highly-sought after, highly-paid employees.


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