How to Get the Most Out of Your Web Agency

A few tips for those highly-organised and highly-productive clients on how to get the most out of your web agency:

1) Respond quickly. As quickly as you can really. It shows urgency and that the project is of high priority to you. The agency will treat it the same way in return.

2) Sell your idea or your business proposition to your agency the same way you would do to a new prospect or a member of staff. Don’t hesitate to get your sales people to give them a short sales presentation if you don’t feel confident to do it yourself. You need motivated, engaged people to work for you internally and externally too. Get your agency excited about working with you!

3) Praise, be nice, and reasonable with your requests. You’ve probably heard it thousand times but it’s true. People respond positively to praises, and are much more motivated if they feel appreciated and valued. You want to be their best client, so be nice, respectful, reasonable with change requests and show that you’re happy with their work.

4) Pay on time. Actions speak louder than words. Nothing says thank you better than a prompt payment, trust me.

5) Write a good brief. That’s where a good co-operation starts!

And what are your top tips for getting the most out of a web agency?


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