Continuous Improvement

I wish there would be much more time to just sit down, set aside several hours or days and improve one entire section of the business.

It also takes time to gather all the information needed to make an improvement. And with the information overload that is so characteristic for our current world, the challenges of information categorisation are huge. For example, this particular idea might belong to the section ‘client engagement improvements’ and can be worked on when I get to improve that section of the business. But what if the idea came from a tweet I just saw, or an email newsletter I received or just from a discussion over our latest project, or on my way to work? How do you stay on top of all this and categorise the information properly so you find it when you need it? I did not find a solution to this apart from the following:

I tend to do small improvements on continuous basis, all the time. For example, almost every day I improve or modify something small in our templates, website, email responses, guidelines etc. It takes less than one minute usually but over time this continuos improvement of all we do here adds up to a huge leaps we make over time as an agency. And it means that I don’t need to worry about information categorisation so much. The task is processed right there and then.

Eventually, continuous improvement is the only cure for making sure we stay in the business in the long run – that’s my conviction. But the challenge of running a business is to spend time on innovation versus time on every day tasks that always seem and are of higher priority. It’s tough so my simple method helps me to combat this a little.

What’s your recipe for continuous improvement?


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