Key Qualities of Successful Business People

Over the years, observing and interacting with successful business people, I have noticed patterns in their personality traits and their approach to business. Here are a few insights:

1. A thirst for knowledge

Intelligence helps with learning and in business you need to learn constantly. But the key is to have a thirst for knowledge and motivation to learn. I find that a lot of business people are naturally inquisitive and always seeking to improve themselves and their environments.

2. Tenacity and perseverance

Successful people don’t give up. If something does not work, they quickly iterate, change direction or find a new way to solve the problem.

3. Self-reflection

This one is very important. Successful people are able to objectively look at themselves and admit that they are not good enough at something or that they have made a wrong decision, or that something is not their natural strength. This self-reflection makes life and business so much easier for them because they can learn from their mistakes quickly and work on their weaknesses effectively.

4. People skills

It makes a significant difference if a business person is naturally good with people – a natural leader you could say. It starts with empathy and goes all the way to being simply a nice person to be around, fun and entertaining. Business owners, especially in a small company, create the team atmosphere. Being a charismatic leader helps a great deal in attracting and retaining talent.

5. Not afraid of risk and responsibility

Running a business means taking responsibility, for everything, all the time. It’s not easy and many people shy away from it. Those that are willing to embrace risk and responsibility can achieve great things.

What have you observed in traits of successful people?


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