The Advantages of Unregulated Industry

Web design and the entire IT industry belong to what is called ‘unregulated’ industries. The opposite of that would be financial industry, medical or construction industries which are all heavily regulated. In those industries, you need to pass various tests, acquire Government-approved qualifications and be audited regularly. And that’s ok, it shouldn’t be otherwise. These are industries that require strict controls and the assurance that standards are adhered to.

On the other hand, we have industries such as web development where we are absolutely free. We don’t need to ask our staff to pass yet another exam to be qualified to work independently and without supervision, or to be able to work on more complex websites than they did yesterday, or to develop new more effective workflows.

Anyone can learn the skills of web design and apply for a job without passing any formal education, having to prove their skills only to the hiring manager who is the sole judge of their skills and qualification for the job.

Our staff can learn their trade by working alongside their experienced colleagues, or by working harder and learning new things in their free time. School kids can learn how to design in Photoshop and be offered great jobs straight out of school. No hoops need to be jumped through.

And that is the key reason why our industry continues to grow at such pace. Being one of the unregulated industries, we can evolve and move forward at an incredible speed.


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