New Years Resolutions

Who does not set their New Years resolutions at the beginning of the year? And how many of these resolutions are never fulfilled?

Some time ago, I used to make a mistake of setting New Years resolutions in the form of a wish list: listing about 10 items that I ‘wish’ would happen in the next year.

The trouble with having such a ‘wish list’ is that a few months into the year, I could not even remember what I wished for, let alone being able to check on how I’m doing and what progress I have made.

And then, a few years ago, I decided to change the strategy. I’ve picked only ONE major goal that I wanted to achieve that year. The goal needed to be so big and so significant that if nothing else had changed in my life, this alone would make my year a success.

Once I found such a goal, I made it my ONLY goal for that year.

And results? Impressive! Since 2012 when I started I’ve never looked back. I tend to achieve my big yearly goals within 6 – 8 months from the beginning of the year.

So what’s the secret?


If I only have ONE goal per year, it’s easy to know what it is. It’s easy to remember it every day and it’s easy to make decisions about it every day. Since nothing is more important than achieving this one goal, I put all of my energy, time and money into it. And then it’s no surprise that I achieve it, right?

So if you too have problems achieving your New Years resolutions, try to pick only ONE goal this year. What will it be? Is it hard to choose?

Don’t tweak the rule by introducing another goal as often, goals are contradictory, you can have only ONE.

For example: If you want to loose weight, you can’t also want to save money this year. These are contradictory goals. Health and vitality requires time, energy and money so you will be torn between two goals whenever you will have to make a decision and ultimately, you won’t see fast progress in either of those areas which is even more demoralising.

You need to pick one goal and stick with it – the one that will make the biggest difference to your life this year.

What will it be?


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