Skype vs Slack, Basecamp vs Trello

I always thought that Skype would be a part of our work life forever. It’s such a neat tool and it does one function so well.

I could not even imagine that we would ever need anything else for team communication across our 3 offices.

And here comes Slack, changing everything. Suddenly, I wonder how we could ever exist without it?

And Basecamp. I always thought what an amazingly smart idea/app it is and how they have their future guaranteed forever. Or maybe not? Trello seems to dominate a lot of our projects these days and Basecamp somehow looks like a legacy system all of a sudden.

How did that happen?

Everything in our world changes so fast. Both Skype and Basecamp look like dinosaurs already and our business uses different communication tools than we were using only 5 years ago when we started out.

How did that happen?

The rapid speed of change in our world today is astonishing.



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