How Much Does a Team Retreat for 10 People Cost?

In my last blog post I’ve summarised the experience of organising a Team Retreat.

Today, we can have a look at the costs of such a team retreat.


The actual all-inclusive costs were £3,017 which I think is a great value for 10 member team. Effectively, we’ve spent £300 per person for 3 days of team-building packed with activities.

If I add the time-costs (eg. the costs of our time preparing the team building and time off for the whole team), then the costs of team-building are double, eg. £6,377. But of course, these are rather theoretical costs as we have not ‘spend’ that money, we just were not at our desks ‘making’ money).

So the actual breakdown is below:

*****Travel costs*****

Flights, Friday – £250

Flights, Tuesday – £185

Trains and busses – £72

Petrol – £85

Parking – £30

Car rent – £100

Taxi – £30

*****Accommodation costs*****

Pension Relax = £400

Imperial Prague = £405

*****Entertainment costs*****

Bowling, Spa = £145

Cable Car up the mountain = £100

Paintball = £165

Seqways, Prague = £330

*****Food costs*****

Food, Pension relax = £145

Lunch, Saturday = £55

Lunch, Monday, Imperial Prague = £125

Medieval tavern, Prague = £205


T-shirts print + design time – £200


£3,017 = £300 per person

I think this is a great number considering the amount of activities we did, having an unlimited amount of food and drinks and seeing the best of Prague on Seqways 🙂

It’s definitely worth it and if you want to do it on a budget, Czech republic is a great destination!


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