The State of WordPress (Agency Perspective)

WordPress has become a ‘mature’ CMS. It’s over 12 years old and almost a quarter of the entire internet runs on WordPress.

Inevitably, a new industry has developed around it.

We see numerous agencies, big and small, offering WordPress as their ONLY service.

We see products and entire platforms being developed for this CMS exclusively (plugins, hosting solutions).

And finally, we see WordPress expanding. We now have WooCommerce which expands WordPress far beyond just a CMS.

So what’s next (from an agency’s perspective)?

  1. If there is a lot of work in any sector, there will be a lot of people coming over and trying to grab their slice of the pie. If you search ‘WordPress agency’ in Google now, you’ll see pages of results and a list that grows each day. 5 years ago, there was no one.
  2. If there is a lot of competition, agencies need to stand out and fight harder to win work. It’s no longer enough to proclaim you do WordPress because everyone does WordPress today.

And so we see one of these three things happening in the WordPress agency world:

A) Mergers

Smaller WordPress agencies combine their forces and become larger agencies. It’s a very smart move indeed: combining talent, experience, portfolio, client base.

B) Specialisation

If a market place is broad and client base even broader it becomes harder to pitch to everyone. And so it pays off to specialise: choose a sector and become number one in that sector. And so we see WordPress agencies specialising in Public sector, Corporate Sector, Enterprise, Charity…you name it.

C) Acquisition

Finally, when big business and old boys wake up, they have money to spend. Indeed, there is no better cure to realisation that you’re missing a key skill as a big digital agency than going out there and acquiring a small WordPress agency to add the team to your portfolio of skill set. Rightly so, in this operation, everyone is the winner: Big agency acquires a very specialised team that fills a hole and the small WP agency gets elevated to the big game: big clients, strong portfolio, large team with experienced players.

So it’s a very interesting time to be part of the WordPress world and as an agency owner, you always have something to think about.


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