Amancio Ortega: How to Build a Successful Business

A friend of mine wrote a great article about Amancio Ortega (founder of ZARA and other fashion brands). I liked it so much that I wanted to highlight the key message here, too.


Below, I’ve included Amancio’s business principles that I think are worth a read and they are summarise perfectly how I like to approach running a business.

Here they are:

Advice from Amancio Ortega

  1. Give customers what they want and give it to them quickly.
  2. Sell goods of highest quality and you will not have to pay for advertising. Best marketing will be done for you by your satisfied customers.
  3. Your fortune is in your hands. Work on yourself, do what you enjoy and go after your goals relentlessly.
  4. Stay with your feet on the ground and stay yourself.

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