Why It Feels Great to Have an Established Business

One of the reasons why most people start their own businesses instead of working for someone else is, from my perspective, the fact that the all of the effort put into their own business builds up, it does not disappear once work is completed (eg. delivered to clients/customers).

The work put into building a business (eg. creating processes, hiring people, creating a team culture, training people, making mistakes & learning) all adds up slowly but surely and one day, you have an established business.

Once business is established, the machine keeps running itself. Only very little effort is needed to keep it going. Processes are established, workflow is established, marketing & sales process is established, your team is there and all of them know what needs to be done.

What is left is to do on an every day basis is to sort the odd problems here and there, help out with business development on key projects, do financial planning and make investment decisions; work on improving and growing the business.

This is what most business people are truly passionate about and it feels great when your business finally gets to that point.

The machine is running smoothly. It does not need as much pulling.

As a founder of an established business, you can even decide to decrease the amount of hours you work per day and nothing happens. The only impact will be that the business is growing slower but at certain point, no amount of financial reward can compensate the regained free time so you can decide to cut down on the hours and enjoy other parts of life. You’re in complete charge of your time.

So keep on working on your business, it’s all worth it!

Hours per Day in Established Business


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