Over-promise and Under-deliver?

One of the guiding principles at Moove is that the work we produce must be the best possible work we can deliver.

We are very attached to our work as we perceive it as our life’s work.

Producing websites is not just a job that we turn up for every day, 9 to 6, and couldn’t care less about. We spend at work no less than 8 hours of our precious time, how could we perceive it any differently?

No wonder that we approach it with absolute seriousness. It’s our life’s work, nothing less!

This long-winded intro brings me to an interesting event that happened to me recently.

One of our prospects called up one of our clients to ask for a reference. What he received was apparently ‘scarily good references.’

Scarily good? I was surprised at the expression this prospect used. Why would positive references be scary in any circumstances?

That made me think about our industry on the whole and how many agencies operate. If great references are labeled as ‘scarily good’ by clients – that can tell us a lot about the level of service that some agencies provide.

Over-promise and under-deliver is a common experience of clients with agencies.

You might be wondering, how can agencies provide bad quality service and still be on the market?

The answer is simple: there is such a demand for digital services in these days, that many agencies can be below-average in their delivery and will still get by just fine.

So how do we approach delivering websites at Moove?

We approach our work as a craft and we care deeply about what we build and create. But not only that, we prefer to under-promise and over-deliver.

And that I believe is the reason why our references were labeled as ‘scarily good’ > our clients are wowed by the service that we deliver and are absolutely thrilled with the quality of our work.

So if you too want your clients to be your best advocates: make sure that you under-promise and over-deliver.


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