Commuting to Work by Car in London – Pros and Cons

In my previous blog post I wrote about my joy of finding a way to drive to work in London.

6 months later, I moved house and driving to the office did not make sense any more as the public transport links are excellent (Overground!). But the 6 month experience was so worth it. Here are my takeaways:

Let’s start with pros:

  • Comfort – personal space in the morning’s to gather your thoughts for the day ahead.
  • Feeling of luxury & success – it feels good to drive instead of use public transport > such a great way to start a day on a positive note


  • No reading time – when you drive, you can’t read so I missed out on my daily dose of news and blog posts.
  • Traffic on the roads – it took me on average 35 mins to get to the office if I left my home at 7.15am, however, when I left home at 8am, it took one hour and half to get to the office for 9.30am. So I had to make sure that I’m in early otherwise I was stuck in traffic. On top of it, usually about once a month, there was an accident on the road causing huge congestions and then it took full 2hrs to get to the office.
  • Feeling of loneliness – as strange as it is, it feels lonely to travel in the car on your own.
  • Stress! – the more time you are on the road, statistically you increase your chances of an accident. With London traffic, you have cars, vans, bikes, motorbikes, pedestrians, buses, cabs – all pushing their way into the road and rushing somewhere. When you travel by tube, you literally do not have to take any responsibility for anything. When you drive, you have to watch out for everything. 
  • You still need a travel card – if you have meetings in various parts of the town, you can’t drive there because it would take forever, there is a congestion charge and a headache with parking so you still need a travel card.
  • You need plan your day in advance – the trouble with a car is that you need to pick it up where you left it 🙂 Which means, if you have a meeting in a different part of the town, you either can’t take the car to work that day at all or you have to go back to your office and pick it up. And that’s really annoying so best is not to drive to work that day.


  • It’s not much fun to drive to work in Central London.
  • It’s not much fun to use public transport either but on the whole, it’s still better than driving. I can’t believe I’m saying this!

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