What’s the Most Challenging Part about Changing Anything Within a Company?

People’s habits.

It is only natural that people learn new things, get used to them, find their own daily routines and get comfortable with them. We all do that and for most part, this human ability to remember and create habits with repetitive activity helps us to be efficient. No one would like to learn how to brush their teeth every day all over again.

The downside of creating habits though is that they are difficult to break.

And this becomes a challenge in today’s fast changing world where every company needs to change and improve on an everyday basis.

So what is the hardest part about changing anything within a company? To get everyone on board with changes that come with being a successful (=ever evolving) company. To get people excited about the new and to overcome the resistance to learning something new. Not change for the sake of change but helping others to see the value that can be brought about by change.

A good example of this was our agency introduction to Slack last year. We used Skype across the agency to communicate with each other across 3 offices in 3 countries. When Slack came out, it significantly improved our cross-team collaboration – and yet, it took some time to convince people that they should use it instead of Skype; the habits were just too strong and engrained. We got there in the end and Slack became the essential communication tool in our agency. No one uses Skype anymore 🙂

Since then we have also moved to Google Hangouts and Google Docs. I’m so pleased to say that this initiative was introduced by of one of our team members and the adoption was fast and well-received.

I’m looking forward to implementing even more improvements and I’m super proud of our team for welcoming these changes to their workflow as an exciting part of life at Moove.


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